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"Sounds like a hard rocking Foo Fighters cruising through the desert." - Revolver Magazine 

"Love and a .38 demonstrate the potential to break through the cookie-cutter indie-pop barricade that’s currently in rotation. The band’s sound, a blend of classic rock, grunge and alt-punk styles, not only appeals to different generations of music lovers, but could soon be considered a unique category in rock". - Music Connection Magazine



"...this is perhaps the freshest hard rock sound I’ve heard in a long time. If this is your genre and you’re not familiar with Love and a .38, resolve that immediately. Nomads will be one of your favorite albums this year." Geoff Wilbur Music


"Bottom line is that "Nomads" is a superb and solid record all the way!! Love And A.38 is a band that have the potentials to become the next big thing in this particular scene. Their heavy rock 'n' roll is like a fist in your face!!! Do a favor to yourself and check out this little gem!!!!" - Heavy Paradise


"This band has the potential to be a game-changer in the rock scene, so jump into the game now and hear what the next big thing just might sound like!" Glitter2Gutter


"This, dear reader, is rock as God intended it to be... If there’s any justice in the world, Love and a .38 are going to be huge." - The Midland Rocks


 "... it's impossible to play this album and not have a good time. Once it starts, you will rock out! What more can you ask for?" - The Dedicated Rocker Society


"NOMADS is a great rock n roll album. It is very old school in its approach but it has more then enough energy and raw power to attract young listeners. These guys have a bright future if this album is anything to go by." - DemonsZone


"This is one of those albums that you know you’re gonna love from the moment that you play it for the first time" - Rock Radio NI






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